Circles, cycles, eddies, spokes, and "spinning my wheels"

  • "Surprise if you like it."--This answer is a bad sign when a kid asks "What's for supper?"
  • "Don't go empty-handed."--Carry the things by the stair landings down to the basement when you go to practice piano.
  • "When my ship comes in."--Preface to a wish unlikely to be fulfilled.

Today I am remembering Fritzi and her funny expressions. Mostly I'm remembering the fun my mom had being a grandma to my sons. I'm betting she would feel her ship had come in if she could see how they grew up. She might even delight in the wonderful young women in her grandson's lives--if she had a lick of sense. This was a weak point for my mom, as she considered all in-law/outlaw relations adversarial.

Much of the time I feel my "ship" has gotten sucked into a whirlpool.

Fritzi's suncatcher, now on my patio
Got pulled into a patio effort on this beautiful spring day, hauling things out of the shed, and setting up the long-forgotten shade umbrella. Played scything adventurer to hack back the myrtle/kudzu. Even cooked some brats on the grill.
Patio umbrella back up since shade tree was cut down.

On the phone my youngest tells me he and his fiance have sent me "something for my blog" for Mother's Day. The suspense is killing me! Is this a surprise-if-you-like-it for my blog?

For a couple years I've been trying to identify and photograph the life cycle of the hackberry butterflies I see on my walks. These photos were all taken on the Spring Creek/Renner Trail in Richardson, TX.

Leaf-eating green machine, Hackberry caterpillar, 4/17/13

Hackberry caterpillar on the bridge rail, 4/25/13

Hackberry caterpillar contemplates metamorphosis, 5/6/13

Same caterpillar's chrysalis, 5/10/13
National Audubon Society Field Guide...
Empty chrysalis and Hackberry butterfly, last year--5/31/12

Photos and text © 2013 Nancy L. Ruder with all rights reserved.

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