Green Eggs and Gruyère

Way back my youngest had to take an authentic quiche to school for French class. It was one of those weeks when I had a buck fifty to my name and teenagers to feed, so I had to charge the Gruyère cheese. One of these days the credit card interest on that cheese will send me into bankruptcy.

In a former blog that son was known as the Woolly Mammoth, and my insistence that he take a fourth year of French in high school was acronomized YRMLM. Yes, You Ruined My Life Mom.

In my own third year of Spanish with Sra. Hodgetts, I had to take an authentic and very garlicky lima bean casserole for a class fiesta. The limas tipped over in the Ford Fairlane, and it was a case of me ruining my mom's car. That has not been acronomized, but it took forever to clean the mess in any language.

My kids once ruined my car if not my life by dropping chewed gum in the car, resulting in the gum getting retracted in the seat belt

A mysterious patron left a photocopy of a recipe in the library Xerox machine.  All day Saturday working the circulation desk my eyes kept returning to the recipe for Zucchini Bacon Gruyère Quiche. By closing time I was obsessed with making this quiche.

I still have about a buck fifty to my name, but no teenagers in residence. The recipe is not inexpensive to make, so I hope to get three or four meals from the pie.

   1.40     refrigerated pie crust
     .75     3 large eggs
   1.15      heavy cream
     .40     milk
   2.05      two zucchini
   2.00      bacon
   3.00      Gruyère

The quiche is cooling a bit on top of the stove.  It greener than I anticipated. Would you could you in a blog?

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Perfect & hilarious!

Collagemama said...

Thanks, Kathleen, & Happy Mother's Day.