Blame it on Prometheus

Read the nappers to sleep today with Michael Pollan's story of his Manhattan pig, Kosher, who stole steak from a Weber grill. Pollan was expounding on the cooking theory of human evolution and the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus stealing roasted meat from the gods of Olympus. Later Prometheus stole fire from the gods, and was punished by being chained to a rock where an eagle continuously ate his ever-regenerating liver.
Haul out Edith and Stravinsky!

Having been forced to eat fried liver and onions with ketchup at Larry's Restaurant in McCook, Nebraska, on visits to my grandparents, I mostly felt sorry for the eagle. But that is beside the point.
Not liver again!

What is the point? Did I forget the point? Oh, no, not again!

Squash bug bacchanal.
The point is that life imitates myth on the days when it isn't imitating art. Sort of job-sharing, with no health insurance or vacation benefits. I don't want to know what these squash bugs were sharing.

In the dark and mythical wood with no bread crumbs.

So I was walking along the Elm Motte Trail at the Oak Point Nature Preserve being ultra-vigilant about snakes. I am not a Minoan snake goddess, (but I play one on t.v.). Must read Pollan's Cooked fast since I'm first on the library reserve list for Riddle of the Labyrinth!
Coming out of the dark woods the trail became a green close canyon oversaturated with sunlight, and  I surprised a large hawk. It flew off screeching, very annoyed that I might steal the squirrel it had caught for supper. I walked past the partially eaten squirrel very quickly!

Have tentatively identified this cute camo butterfly as a nymph or a satyr. A satyr is half-goat/half-man according to dear old Edith Hamilton, and not to be confused with a centaur.

Spotting a satyr butterfly is a rite of spring. I am stunned each year by their fragile ballet camouflage attire and shy demeanor.

Have out two field guide, three if you count Edith Hamilton's field guide to the gods and heroes, plus Stravinsky and Pollan. Watched the Joffrey Ballet's 1987 reconstruction of Nijinsky's choreography for "Rite of Spring" on YouTube. Might be why I don't accomplish much. Supper will be vegetarian, but nature is full of sex, violence, and raw meat. It must be spring.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Oh, that's great: "life imitates myth." Love all your observations here! Saw an interview with Pollan on Cooked. He was giggling.

Collagemama said...

Thanks, Kathleen. I still can't get that hawk out of my mind.

Kim said...

Love steak. Not so fond of liver. Recognize snake goddess from the cover of "When God was A Woman" which I read in the 80s during my pagan phase of spiritual development. Happy times.

Collagemama said...

What about shamanism and drumming?