Too many tentacles

O say  can you say "ah-ah octopus"?

Feeling overwhelmed, overextended. Endeavors on the web seem to create long-lasting suction cups sticking each extension to the walls of my glass tank in perpetuity. So I pay for Photo Bucket, because my early blogs pull illustrations from that account. I pay for Flickr, which seems pointless. Pinterest is free, but I could just write myself a note the old way. I own domain names I can't even remember. I send links from my blog posts to Facebook, increasing the snarl.

Hang around a bit with kindergarten students.  Watch them instinctively pull the shoestring that will tighten the knot until no human fingers can pull it apart. Watch the chained dog wrap itself around the tree.

It's obvious I still want to be online, but can I pare it down? On off. Flick the switch or pull the plug. But which plug? What switch?

 on off
Short o,short o. Bring me a short stack of those short o words!
otter olive onside kick
ostrich obstruction oddity
off message  Ovid OGLE
okarina occupant ominous oxidation 
Oz omelet opera OED

olly olly oxen free

optimum m   m    m

My discount Sperry Topsiders sound like an octopus trying to climb out of a glass silo. Fee fi fo fum, I hear a Rubbermaid Rapunzel.


Get me a big mug-o-that onomatopoeia...

Been busy making a slideshow about butterfly symmetry for my art classes.


© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Oh, your trapped images are so good.

Kim said...

If you pare down just don't stop the blogging. I would have collage withdrawl!

Anonymous said...
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