Slime fighter decoder ring inside every box

Decoded not, but possibly identified--our other-worldly red playground invader is a slime mold. Colonies of weird shiny redness appeared today like cheap patent leather purses dropped from high altitudes.

Like most humans kidnapped by aliens, taken aboard the UFO for bizarre experiments, and then released on a deserted gravel road outside Roswell, I didn't have my camera. No one will ever believe me, but I'm sore from hacking at the playground wood chips with a kiddie-sized hoe.

Most years we get a different fungus in the wood chips. That one looks like aliens partied hard then blarfed before returning to Zeldron. The spores can cause respiratory issues when someone stomps on the fungus. This is preschool. See something weird. Stomp on it. Release spores! Go back to looking for roly polies.

Glamour, rescuing the planet, and a silver lame bodysuit are all in my job description as preschool assistant.

No autographs right now!
It looks more red in real life.

Thanks to all my adoring fans. I'm off to save the playground from evil red slime.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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