If at first you don't succeed

For the moment I am not revealing what's behind Door #3. Windows have been shuttered, so I wedged my foot in this door to keep creativity ajar. Or in a jar, like fireflies.

I worked all afternoon creating paper patterns from my papercuts and photographs

In this case, "vintage" fabric is just a vintage Barbie Doll undergarment, circa 1961.

My first effort showed technical aspects I need to perfect. Still it was a fun Sunday mental outing --- and I don't get out much!

  • Some of the vintage fabric will not hold up to machine stitching. It disintegrated almost instantly.
  • The fusible featherweight interfacing is too opaque for my needs.
  • Is there a product that stabilizes, fuses, adheres, and disappears?
  • I really need to practice my machine stitching!

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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