Early Bird gets the Moen

Maybe it's a juvenile, but it's definitely a tree swallow. I'm pretty thrilled to get photos clear enough for an I.D.  At the end of my walk around Oak Point Nature Preserve's lake, this bird patiently posed while I tried to photograph a nearby spider web.

Handsome profile

As if the morning was not already momentous, I went to Home Depot to shop for a replacement bathtub/shower faucet kit. My dear Mario had demonstrated the technique I should use for tapping the faucets with my fingernail for sturdiness. So I stood and tapped faucets from $67 on up to $149, from. Delta to Pfister, Moen to Kohler. Thankfully, no "associate" came by to assist me.  If I'm going to flick faucets, I want to do it privately! Plus, as I just relearned at Office Max and Enterprise car rental, any "associate" who does what a customer like me would normally expect wants me to complete an online or phone satisfaction survey.

Hot left, cold right
Prey left, spider right
I am Highly Satisfied by the tree swallow, and by my entire morning walk. I will be Positively Thrilled if Mario can access behind the shower wall from the space under the stairs to install the Moen Banbury chrome shower and tub faucets. I might be Giddy to use the downstairs shower after many months.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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