Rappelling on the learning curve

It's been a tough climb. Never reached the summit, but thankfully temps stayed well above zero.

Approximate height of technological climb
My little Kindle is not the Himalayas. You wouldn't think it would be so complicated. All I wanted to do was check out some eBooks from a public library onto my early version Amazon Kindle. When the library where I work first got eBooks, I had managed the feat. It should have gotten easier after a few more years. The device is a happy little Kindle, and I like using it. My sons and their wives gave me the Kindle, and send me gift books. It's fun and easy. I've bought several books, some while sitting in airport terminals, and downloaded them instantly without breaking a sweat. No problemo.

Do you hear Yeti laughing? Make him stop it before he causes a digital landslide!

Cloudless sulphur on canna ignores Kindle
Spent about five hours so far. Two last night, and three today with a little time at base camp in between. I've got all the ropes, belay devices, carabiners, pulleys, and a friendly Sherpa guide with lots of library-to-Nook experience. Not a novice climber myself, I'm an experienced library user able to access two public library accounts via websites given enough passwords and IDs. That is not enough. Maybe we need Jon Krakauer.

This climb was plagued with hitches. To prove my Kindle and Amazon were buddies, I purchased the latest Brunetti mystery by Donna Leon. Bibbity bobbity boo presto digito and it was on my Kindle device via 3G Whispernet.

Free library eBook borrowing requires WiFi instead of 3G . Over these many hours I've downloaded free Kindle For PC and Adobe Digital Reader software to two devices--my Baby Acer computer and my Big Mama computer.

Now I can get magazines on Big Mama from my home town library website via Zinio. Got books from both public libraries downloaded onto Kindle for PC, but not onto my Kindle. Also downloaded books from one library onto Baby Acer to read with Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 Reader. This technological mountain trek has not been satisfying.

In the same amount of time I could have finished both the hard copy books I'm reading, and browsed through an awesome cookbook. Might have even picked up some job interview hints, or Skyped with Mr. Short Stack. Alas, I just wanted to check out an eBook "Because it's there".

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


seana graham said...

I had pretty much the same experience trying to download a friend's free book from Smashwords so that I could review it. I had two different reading devices it wouldn't load on to, the expert help of my nephew and still one day, there it was. Not on Kindle but on Kobo. I don't really know how it happened. I do know that it took about four months. Of course not continuously, but that is a long time not to be able to figure something out.

Collagemama said...

Seana--Makes you a bit crazy, right? Does it need to be that difficult?

seana graham said...

I think it probably isn't that difficult if you understand everything about what you're trying to do, but who has time to do that?

Unfortunately, I think I'm about to go through a similar experience with my cable television box...