Julie and Gopher are planning my itinerary

Flying this week, so I'm bombarded with air travel horror stories from reliable sources. Please don't let me be twenty-six hours late!

Should I arrive at my destination, Julie and Gopher have outlined my activities for the next several days:
  • Dinner at Captain Stubing's table
  • Deck shuffleboard
  • Cocktails with Charo shaking and baking
  • A tour of Monticello
  • Watching fireworks while sitting on a boat
  • An ethnic feast of Georgian cuisine
  • War photographs at the Corcoran*

My sister resembled Julie McCoy, the Love Boat cruise activity director in both appearance and energy way back in 1977 when she wore that pale aqua Qiana dress as my maid of honor.

Fast forward. My youngest son formerly known as the Woolly Mammoth could be the next Gopher, part politician/part comic actor like Fred Grandy. Doing extensive research for this post I sat through two episodes of Love Boat on YouTube.  Dedication to finding the truth, that's just the journalist in me!

Tattoo -- De plane.  De plane.
Two new nonfiction books best read on the ground:

Full Upright and Locked Position, by Mark Gerchick about the current state of air travel.

The Skies Belong To Us, by Brendan Koerner about a radically different era of air travel.

*Just get me some gelato and I won't wear those Braniff hot pants.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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