Golf attitude adjustment

Big heap of golf balls at the Oak Point trail head

Sadly, the only parts of golf I really liked were the club head sock puppet covers, the ball washers on the course, the sound of a golf ball bouncing on the concrete in a game of jacks, and the joy and intent with which my mom followed her PGA favorites.

It's been a bit goofy here, but I'm alright. Don't need to worry about me.

Not a golf club cover, but Keely Netz Doctorman's blue ribbon winning puppet started this reverie.

Very Caddyshack.  Pattern from Red Heart.

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From Tracey Knits at Etsy.  Use the force.

Now, let's all dance like the gopher. Have a happy Independence Day!

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Loving the puppets!

I think my dad is done with golf for the season.

Kim said...

happy independence day to you too, collage mama!