Plums sixty-nine cents a pound

Chubby toddler knees out for a ride through the grocery store, looking at all the people and colors.  An event, a field trip, a circus of stimuli, and the outing is a demonstration of mastery.

Mr. Short Stack is getting soooo big he can ride in the grocery cart AND wear a hat at the same time. My knees are chubby, too, but I push the cart. The circus of stimuli has matinee and evening performances.

"Did you find everything you needed?," the cashier asks before she tells me another TMI personal anecdote. Next time the young checker devises the optimal bagging plan for my purchases in my reusable bags. That girl will go far!

I did not find God in the produce section, but at least I didn't spy my ex near the 90% lean ground beef. You may spy my favorite photo by William Eggleston bottom right.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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