A dozen words, a dozen photos

Mr. Short Stack loves the "Moby Dick" board book from My Cozy Classics. Melville's saga is distilled to twelve words illustrated with twelve detailed needle felt vignettes. Sailor, leg, whale... Really? Yes, he really loves it, and toddles around saying "whale" and "leg", and not just gnawing the book corners.

I've only seen the My Cozy Classics board book of "Pride and Prejudice".  It's adorable, but I thought it was geared to adult buyers, or maybe teens desperate to complete their assigned summer reading book! I am reminded of Dare Wright's Lonely Doll photo picture books from my childhood.

Cut up the living room carpet this afternoon.  Haven't hauled it all to the dumpster. Finding the tack strip removal vexing. I also chopped up some of the entry tiles. There's no going back!

My twelve photos illustrate my day, beginning with a black light night in shining armor. A nice walk at Oak Point fired me up for the carpet removal.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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