I'm not afraid to use it

I have a carpet knife, and...

Got it at Home Depot. I'm feeling the need to remove the ancient rippling creepy carpet from the condo. Maybe staying up until one reading Carl Hiassen's Bad Monkey is a factor. Nothing I could do is as bizarre as his fictional Florida cops, restaurant inspector, spec house builder, Oklahoma AP English teacher, and Medicare fraudsters in the Orange Juice State. That's with or without Cap'n Jack Sparrow's monkey. Or maybe it's bad floor-covering voodoo.

My sons have gotten over the trauma from the time I sawed the couch into little pieces. It's been eight years, so it's literally time to cut loose again.

Color-coordinated, too!© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

I chopped a couch up once that I could not fit into the service elevator when I moved out of an apartment! It's hard work, isn't it?

Collagemama said...

Kim, why does this not surprise me? Yes, sawing up the sofa was very hard work. So far slicing up the carpet has not been nearly as strenuous.