Stamp, stamp, stamp

Giving this book two thumbs up for calming a wild herd of preschoolers. Mama Crocodile hears many sounds, but she stays still until her babies begin chirping to get out of their eggs. The repetitive sounds and slow pace worked at line time and again at nap time.

tromp, tromp, tromp
thump, thump, thump
whump, whump, whump
chi, chi, chi

Long day back to start my six-day work week.  I can't convince one boy that the fruit is not "plumps".
I've been eating some of those plumps, and making prints with one also.

Tomorrow the youngest kids will make prints with apples halved vertically, and apples halved horizontally. We will strive to press and hold, not stamp, stamp, stamp, slide. Pray for me!

Older students will experiment making prints with fruits and veggies.  Stopping late at Albertsons, I grabbed a kiwi. Wonder how a kiwi might print.

Another diving expedition into the big black treasure chest. Pulled out a string-tied shoebox marked "Stamps". Just beginning to get a sense of the sorting and research the trunk contents will require. It's clear I'm not the first compulsive collector in my family tree.

Stamp details tomorrow if I make it through the apples and kiwi.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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seana graham said...

I vote for plumps. It's a great word drift!