Today's mystery

Headed out the door this morning I spied with my late-for-work-eye a plastic bag stuck in the sedum plant between the holly bushes. No time to pick up litter!

Back home after the first art class I saw it again. Had to carry in the basket of art shirts to wash, the bucket full of art materials to clean, the bag of library books, the paint-stained fruits and veggies destined for compost, plus my lunchbox before I could check it out.

"Autumn Joy" might be the name of my sedum. My plants all date way back to the brick wall next to driveway of my childhood home in Nebraska. I've broken off stalks and stuck them in mud every time I moved to a new home, so eight times minimum. This is the first time I've seen today's mystery of nature in a sedum plant.

It's not a plastic bag.

It's not a puff pastry.
It's not bigger than a bread box.

It's not a paper lantern.

No sign of life inside.
If you've got an idea I would love to hear it. Sure hoping this isn't a new invasion of the body snatchers!


seana graham said...

No idea, but sure is an intriguing object, isn't it?

Kim said...

It has the same shape as the sedum leaves!

Collagemama said...

Yes, it's almost like something has consumed the soft inside part of the leaf and blown the skin up into a balloon. I'm thinking Roswell and Area 51.