Auditioning area rugs

No, it's not like a Hollywood casting couch. Just trying the IKEA rug under the dining table while I wait for delivery of the Target rug that's slightly larger. The rug's not working for me here, but I loved it in the living room.

Do I want a rug under the dining table? I worry how much the daily scraping of chairs will mar the Behr concrete dye and sealer on the floor. Maybe I just want an area rug to justify all the time I've spent Googling area rugs and adding results to Pinterest.


This whole floor project is forcing me to pare down belongings, a good reason to keep at it! Before Phase III, I must deal with the family history items from the trunk. Will anybody after me give a doodly about any of this stuff? If I scan and save it in a digital format will the technology be buried like pot shards in an ancient dump? And is that so bad?

The trunk is looking spiffy with the recent TLC. Used tarnish remover on the metal hardware, leather conditioner on the straps, Old English on the wood, and gave the black finish a good cleaning.

The line between Phase I and Phase II is way more obvious than I expected. The concrete dyes and pressure sprayer worked differently. The sealer is shinier in the dining area. Would a future condo shopper consider that a fatal flaw?

 Maybe that's why the Anasazi just packed up and left Mesa Verde--no resale value.

 © 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Michael - Plano Prairie Garden said...

So, what is your assessment of those concrete staining kits? Is it worth the effort and money saved as a DIY project? I have thought about doing the entire house and using a bathroom as a test.

Collagemama said...

Michael--I like the look very much. My main concern is how easily it will scratch. Probably additional applications of sealer would have been a smart choice. I get too impatient at the end of a project. There are professionals who can do a better job with more toxic materials than the DIY kits, but I didn't investigate the cost.

Michael - Plano Prairie Garden said...

Thanks. I am sure I will pick up (and put down) the box on my next visit to HD. I need to finish my outdoor projects before I start any more inside.