Reptiles before breakfast

Found a lounging lizard on the patio after work Thursday. The anole had a good spot just above the mistflower. The little guy (or gal) let me get quite close, so may have been drowsy after a tasty bug meal. Eventually it dropped off the slender clothesline into the plant and disappeared.

Tightrope napper
Early this morning I glanced out at the shed across the alley with the peeling paint...peeling paint that moves? Yes, the Mediterranean geckos were hanging around beneath the bright light catching breakfast. My morning photo was unsuccessful, so these are from tonight's gathering of geckos. For safety the bumpy reptiles scurry under the eaves of the shed or drop down into the big canna leaves. I like geckos much more than peeling paint. Geckos eat insects. Peeling paint eats money.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder

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