Flat man and robin

No! Not a robin! The bird down at the creek this afternoon is not a robin although the colors mislead me at first. White spots on its black back isn't seem right, and the head is too black. The bird's tummy is a lovely cinnamon color. Unwilling to be photographed, the mystery bird flies to the other creek bank and is instantly camouflaged.

Hurried home to pull out the bird field guides, and google "bird similar to a robin". So the creek beyond the condos is the winter range for spotted towhees. Yippee! O, say can you see?
Spotted Towhee, Richmond Nature Park, Westminster Highway, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
A student completes a set of rhyming words. We high-five, then do a mock cheerleading routine

O, say can you see Flat Stanley? Variations on the Flat Stanley project have been part of early elementary school experience for almost fifty years. Had my picture taken with a child and her class stuffed animal in front of the library puppet theater recently. Watched a big, burly flight attendant pose with a Flat Stanley by the cockpit on a Thanksgiving flight.

Just a side note: It pains me to report I have had to revoke my life-long declaration that redheads should never wear pink. My little wild redhead preschool student arrives most days in a variation of coral-turquoise-gray-white-navy, usually with silver sparkles. So here are Midge and a bewigged Barbie in pink knit and silver lamé for the holidays. On Towhee, on Stanley, on Barbie and Midge!  Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!


© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Glad you spotted a Spotted Towhee! Imagining a new bird: the Redheaded Yippee!

seana graham said...

Flat Stanley is new to me, although come to think of it, a friend did involve my book group in some sort of similar project some years ago. I'll have to ask her to refresh my memory.

The Spotted Towhee is new to me too. I don't think they must get out to California much.

seana graham said...

Got a hold of my friend and it was the same project, but in their case it was a Flatland denizen named Flat Becca.

Collagemama said...

Sounds like a brand of training bras!