Peace of mind and goodwill toward men

Pretty excited to have some health insurance starting January first. Thank you Mr. President, and no thanks to all the Scroogies in Congress.

This insurance won't change much in my day-to-day life since the deductible is more than I've typically spent on health care in my uninsured years. Now I know that I have some coverage for catastrophic health events, and that's a good feeling. Ratchet the stress level down one little notch!

Working through the healthcare.gov website took me an hour and a half.  That's less time than finding transportation to visit Mr. Short Stack over Christmas.  It's less than the time spent figuring out how to make tea sandwiches for my young art students next Tuesday. Right now I'm leaning toward cucumber sandwiches on honey wheat bread with store brand whipped cream cheese seasoned to resemble Hidden Valley Ranch. Ninety percent of preschoolers adore Ranch, and the other ten percent won't try anything different anyway. On the side there will be very thin ginger cookies (store bought). And no tea at all, as caffeine is the last thing they need the week before Christmas break.

And now I must just test the cucumber sandwiches and have a little spot of tea with Algernon. And again, thank you Mr. President.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Yay on the health insurance. Love the sandwiches.

Kim said...

May I recommend Tension Tamer herbal tea for the preschool teacher at that party?

Collagemama said...

Good suggestion, Kim!