Angler fish face

Mr. Short Stack is not pleased with the service at his high chair gourmet dining spot. He is pouting and showing us his angler fish jaw. He wants the banana slices before the beans and broccoli. He wants more sweet potato bites faster and faster please with or without bioluminescence!

Flight crew prepare for landing. We are descending  over Arlington, Texas on our approach to DFW airport. My carry-on items are properly stowed under the seat in front of me, and my tray table is locked in its upright position. My camera is not within reach as I witness this holly jolly winken blinken blitzen holiday sight.

Six Flags is lit for a night of Holiday In The Park, twinkling a chase along the roller coaster tracks. The Cowboys' domed stadium is a glowing pearlescent snow globe. It's beautiful from above, and absolutely as close as this No Crowds Please lady wants to be to either of these tourist destinations.

Our weather is riding a roller coaster. The chill wind howls and clouds race just hours after a shirtsleeves sunny walk at the nature preserve. The storm drain condo cat howls louder than the wind outside my front door. It is nobody's cat, but somebody got it shots and a collar recently.  The cat somehow senses my allergies and short fuse. I want an angler fish car.

Items may have shifted in the overhead bins. Heads may have been shifted over the break. Please use caution.

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Imagining the face, the lights. Enjoying the collage.

seana graham said...

That angler fish looks like a nice subject for papier mache.

Collagemama said...

Indeed, an angler fish would be a great papier mache project!