Measure twice, cut...

...to the chase?

Double your pleasure, double your commute?

Scrimp in haste, repent on the freeway?

Old saws:

*saw (n.2) Look up saw at Dictionary.com

"proverb, saying, maxim," Old English sagu "saying, discourse, speech, study, tradition, tale," from Proto-Germanic *saga-*sagon- (cf. Middle Low German, Middle Dutch sagezage, German Sage "legend, fable, saga, myth, tradition," Old Norse saga "story, tale, saga"), from PIE root *sek(w)- "to say, utter" (see say (v.)).

We won't say just what I uttered when I realized I'd forgotten to fill my coffee travel mug and turn off the cheapo Mr. Coffee before driving to work.

When my wonderful coffee dispenser went flopbot crackerdog and leaked all over the kitchen counter I was feeling seriously broke myself. So I purchased the least expensive twelve-cup Mr. Coffee  at WalMart. Geez, I berate myself just for shopping there.  How much worse can I feel?

Lots of time to ponder this in the traffic jam on 75N aka Central Expressway driving back home from work because I forgot to switch off Mr. Coffee.  Lost over an hour of pay to prevent the darn pot burning down, smelling up the condo, and setting the place on fire by the time I got off work this evening.

Yep, next time I'll spend the big bucks for the automatic shut-off model and consulPoor Richard's Small Appliance Almanack

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Sigh.... But Happy New Year, nonetheless!

seana graham said...

The automatic shutoff would be vital for home and safety, but I don't seem to be able to keep one running so now I just use a hot pot and pour the water over the grounds myself.