Cereal-sly strange Valentine's Day

(Skunks for Kim and Sisi)
Cue David Bowie on your hi-fi. "Let's Dance" is definitely the right song for a skunk Valentine from a French break-dancing preschool student.

The trendy theme in this year's Valentine exchange and preschool party is ... mustaches. Huh?  Faux tattoo mustaches ... Stick-on furry mustaches.
And the runner up is Frosted Flakes, as in "I am cereal-sly glad you are my Valentine". Tony the Tiger would look great with a mustache.

Why do we even have Valentine parties in classes? So we can make stuff out of fun foam???  No:

  1. So each preschool student will practice printing his/her name twenty times, give or take.
  2. So each elementary student will fold a paper, visualize an ice cream cone, and cut a heart shape.
  3. So we can all think about friendship and being nice to each other.
  4. So we can practice the early math sequencing and fine motor skills required to place one card in each classmate's Valentine bag.
  5. So our parents can play around on Pinterest and Shutterfly to create Valentines cards that won't require watching the ordeal of a child signing cards for everyone in class. This defeats 1 and 2.
  6. So even boys can wear magenta sequins if they feel the urge. And everyone can wear mustaches, I guess.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I love mustaches! On you!

seana graham said...

I somehow knew of the moustache trend, I don't know why. Did I read it here?

My parents were very irked when I was in grade school, and after my friends had spent an afternoon making some kind of holiday hat, we came to school to find that there were many hats better than ours but they had all been made by our classmates parents.

It's interesting that I remember that that's what my parents felt, although I don't remember being particularly upset about it myself.

Collagemama said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies! I have been the irked parent many times.

Kim said...

Ooh la la! Sisi and Kim love the Valentine Salute! Your blog is a breath of fresh...air?