A house of cards, a condo of drips

Idioms for $500, Alex:

A shaky foundation or a classic building toy. 

What is a "house of cards"?

The images on Charles and Ray Eames' "House of Cards" deck belong to my earliest memories. Talking about the images, and nicknaming them with my parents built my memory. The early exposure to good design shaped my aesthetic preferences for life. Early play constructing card houses built my spatial vocabulary, but I won't rant about that this evening!

The surviving pieces from an Eames' "Giant House of Cards" are locked away with that other classic building toy, the Legos accumulated by three sons.

A house of cards -- an organization or a plan that is very weak and can easily be destroyed Their partners began to suspect that the company was a financial house of cards.

Classic card house
KERA, my local NPR station is presenting a special series on families facing financial difficulties. It's called "One Crisis Away", but could easily be called "A Financial House of Cards".

Found a fun photo of the condo where we lived in the late Nineties. It was taken the day after a supremely bad night downpour with a leaking skylight.

Cell phone played its tune from deep in my jacket pocket while driving home from the storage unit. Neighbor Betty's name showed on the caller ID when I finally fished the phone out to the light. Stopped by her condo to ask why she called, but she didn't call and didn't even have my phone number. But Betty was waiting for test results and worrying about colon surgery. Strange cell phone voodoo, or one of those higher power occurrences. It brought on a sunshine/leaking skylight song from above -- or at least from Ella Fitzgerald and the Inkspots:

Flashback fifteen years

Into each life some rain must fall But too much is falling in mineInto each heart some tears must fallBut some day the sun will shine

Some folks can lose the blues in their heartsBut when I think of you another shower startsInto each life some rain must fallBut too much is falling in mine

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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