A L P H A - B I T S

Not   P E T S

Nor   P E S T

Vermicomposting seems so normal to me after seven years with red wigglers, that I never considered the wiggly questions involved in moving my little garbage-eaters into an apartment. I need my red wigglers to be healthy for a worm program at the Flower Mound Public Library this summer. Still, I can't really afford to pay a pet deposit and pet rent for the little guys. Also, I'm worried about the regular pest control measures in the apartment complex exterminating my living visual aids.

Wrote up an informative note for the apartment managers. I did not mention that my red wigglers crawl through Lego mazes and spell words for children. Just focused on the garbage reduction in the dumpster, the lack of odor, and not attracting pests.

No   S H I R T

No   S H O E S

No   S E R V I C E

W O R D   B I R D S

Right before the norovirus kicked in, I was making a "Mystery Word Bird" game for my students. Having dropped out of popular culture way back, I didn't know the "Word Bird" song was a recurring theme on "Family Guy". I didn't even know about "Family Guy". Kinda clueless, I know.

My opera buddy and I bonded reading campaign yard signs for a Dallas City Council candidate back in 2005. This year Linda Koop is running for a seat in the Texas legislature. She'll always be kinda loop to Jeannie and me.

K I N D A    L O O P

L I N D A   K O O P

Close to my once and future homes there's a barber shop called

E L I T E    K U T Z

No matter how many times I drive by, the sign will always remind me I'm an elite sort of klutz.

P O S T   N O   B I L L S

Alpha-Bits was a Post cereal in the Sixties.

A B C   D E L I C I O U S

C. W. Post created the town of Post, Texas in 1907. It's a cute town, but I've never gotten to do more than a quick drive through.



E M U   A R E   Y O U?

W H O ???

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