Splatting on the floor plan

The red-tailed hawk seemed to wear dark glasses at Oak Point Nature Preserve Sunday noon. Blackland Prairie Raptor Center presentations have convinced me that birds poop before they fly to lighten their load, sort of like airline baggage fees. This large, handsome bird looked ready to lose my suitcase if I got one step closer.

I am playing Sims for real, arranging my digital couch and bookshelves for the new apartment. The management is understanding about my composting and educational worms.

Living with less and then more less and even more less has been a fascinating experience. I do not want to surround myself with all that STUFF again. Right now the STUFF is in the storage unit, packed to the gills. Each item will have to persuade and bribe its way out of storage and into my abode.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kim said...

Your neighbors will never complain about worms barking at the mailman!