Something old, something new, something borrowed...

...too tired to be blue.

Maybe I dreamed it, but I'm pretty sure I read a book review in the last few days about a moving new novel. An elderly Jewish couple gets ready to move from the East coast to a California seniors community. The moving van arrives a day earlier than expected, and all their belongings disappear, stolen. The review could have been in a February issue of Kirkus, Booklist, or Library Journal.

Picked up a tiny old book for a quick reread. Alan Bennett tells a tale of a middle-aged couple who go out to the opera, Cosi fan Tutte, and return to their flat to find absolutely everything gone. Burgled. All they have left is The Clothes They Stood Up In.

I could regard my new abode as a Villa of Reduced Circumstances, so I had a quick read-through of Alexander McCall Smith's book of that title. Comic relief is welcome at any villa.

My walking buddy and I read Anne Tyler's Ladder of Years  in 1995. Ever since in times of discouragement we have entertained the fantasy of walking on down the beach alone, out of our current life and into a very spare existence. One room, a bed, a window, and a clean slate...
By Saturday my slate won't be clean. It is trickier to leave your baggage behind than to have your belongings burgled.

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