Hugging Shamu

Almost as often as little kids start crying in the vicinity of a giant costumed Easter bunny, other kids spontaneously run up and knee-hug the bunny into submission. A small percentage of kids will pound on the bunny head, giving the costumed grown-up an inner piƱata revelation.

About fifty-three kiddies sat on the bench in the park with me during my hour in the premium deluxe bunny costume. Some of the thirty adults in attendance also had their pictures taken.

Being the Easter bunny is a real hoot with a few caveats:

  1. Wearer cannot see near or far, only people at a distance of six feet.
  2. It is difficult and potentially unsafe to cavort. I knew I could not do the Bunny Hop, but I had hoped for a bit of Hokey Pokey.
  3. It is a sauna experience, potentially moving all toxins out of the body and promoting weight loss.
  4. Prehydration is recommended.
  5. The Bunny does not talk.
  6. The Bunny's nose starts to run after about half an hour in the sauna suit, and the wearer can't do anything about it.
  7. After the event, the Bunny doesn't get to sit back and smoke a cigar, or go with Elwood P. Dowd down to Charlie's Bar.

In the second "Digitize My Life" episode, I did an album from 1990-91 of short family trips in Texas. My youngest was three. I'll never forget how he ran up to hug the giant costumed "Shamu" at SeaWorld in San Antonio. No fear, just instant love for the giant fuzzy faux figure. It gave me creeps as a non-costumed, non-fuzzy mother. Also from that album a "map" dictated by the three-year-old detailing our visit.

Drawing with dictation
SeaWorld San Antonio

Hugging Shamu

Elwood P. Dowd and Harvey

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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seana graham said...

It is really interesting that some run to and some run away from exactly the same presence. I know I was not the run to sort, but I probably would have just stood and watched from a safe distance.

I played Veta Louise in our high school production of "Harvey" so it is a play near and dear to my heart.

I also played the Cowardly Lion, so I know a little of the large creature effect. It was much more comfortable, though. Plus, you got to roar.