Miss Emma's Murder Mysteries

Auntie Em, far right, would have been up for solving Roaring Twenties murder mysteries. Pierce, Nebraska was not quite the hub of crime found in Phryne Fisher's fictional Melbourne, Australia, but my great aunt had plenty of smarts and hats.

I'm working through Season One of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on library dvds. It's unlikely Pryne and Emma had anything else in common except being two intuitive, deductive, single women after the Great War.


© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder


seana graham said...

Wow, they really capture the style on the show, don't they?

I was bit haphazard about Season 1, but I'm really enjoying watching them more regularly in Season 2.

Lack of real murder in Oxford never stops Inspector Morse, so maybe you should consider writing up some Pierce, Nebraska ones. I bet it hasn't been done yet.

Collagemama said...

The style is such fun. Glad to see that Phryne occasionally wears the same outfit more than once.

I will have to ponder Pierce mysteries, Seana!