Nightcrawler prices fail to skyrocket

Extra, extra, read all about it! The leading vermi economic  indicator says "Ah".

Each summer I purchase enough nightcrawlers in one check-out to raise eyebrows of the minimum wage Academy cashiers.

Bait packaging has changed. The units per package have changed. Still, the price per nightcrawler has stayed remarkably contant since the summer of 2011.

Each summer just before their big performance the red wigglers in the vermicompost bin get stage fright and do something whacko. Never before had they staged a mass break-out. It wasn't pretty. Coaxed them back into the bin and calmed their jitters. Bribed them by promising to check out "The Great Escape" with Steve McQueen from the library Saturday.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I am so glad this is not about having nightcrawlers for breakfast.

Collagemama said...

No, no, no nightcrawlers for breakfast unless you are a fish in a lake.

Kim said...

That reminds me of a funny story about an ant farm my sister ordered when she was teaching at an adolescent psych unit...you might have to come visit us to hear it!

Collagemama said...

Kim, I love this story and I haven't even heard it!