Bobcat butter pats

 My sister went plum slack-jawed when she spotted these butter sculptures in her Giant grocery store. We will skip right over the indecision about plum and plumb.

Butter sculpting is a big deal at the Texas State Fair, and we all know that butter is major for tv celebrity cooks. Plus, we all know that mashed potatoes were invented so kids could enact volcanic lava flows during major holiday feasts when they are not putting pitted black olives on their fingers... Yes, I am grateful for Thanksgiving!

I went slack-jawed myself watching this very large cat visiting the local watering hole below my apartment balcony. We knew there was a bobcat living along our residential creek. This feline seems to be a bobcat mix. It is usually sighted at dawn or dusk, which would make it crepuscular. It has a raccoon tail, bobcat ears, and a feral kitty cat's fur.Is it a half cat half bob? Shish! Is it a catcoon halfbob mixcat, or a bobcoon catkebabbob? It's unlikely to be a Cynarctus raccoon dog from Ashfall Fossil Beds in Nebraska.

On the subject of butterpat meltdowns, I am reminded of a historic bit of bad manners in Omaha. The mayor, Mike Boyle, started throwing foil-wrapped butter pats at a county corrections official, and then threw expletives at the governor, Bob Kerrey.

You can't make this stuff up!

AP, Associated Press Aug. 16, 1985 2:10 PM ET
 OMAHA, Neb. (AP) _ Food fight? More of a playful pat, Mayor Mike Boyle says of his reported showdown with Gov. Bob Kerrey and some county officials over dinner. ''No one was injured. The butter wasn't frozen,'' Boyle joked Thursday in response to questions about a dinner a group of Democrats had last month. As for throwing foil-wrapped butter patties, Boyle said he was just having fun among friends. ''I think a sense of humor is one of the things that keeps everybody sane,'' he said.
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seana graham said...

Wow. And it looks right at home too. Although I do feel a little sad that it feels it has to resort to pool water for drinking.