How to make tamales: Step 2

NYC is all about style and so I've lined a runway with tamale models. The look this year is very individual, combining function, natural materials, and a DIY pioneer chic vibe.

Chicken tamales wrapped by instructor chef's assistant
Tamale style is fabulous on all body types. Corn husks with self-ties look equally fabulous on short plump, or tall slender models.

Students try sheath dress look first
Creations by new tamale wrappers are a highlight of the fashion show. Husk wraps transition easily from 9-to-5 office into evening looks. That might be because it takes about six hours to steam five dozen tamales in a small NJ kitchen.

What will be new in 2015? Tamale tutu ultra-minis? Yellow ribbed knee-high boots? Fashion forward focus on belts and obis? Asian fusion tamales inspired by the history of the kimono exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Celeb tamale hairstyles?

Stefani Tamale
What will Owen Wilson do? He's got that corn husk hair all ready for a top knot.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I love tamales, corn husks, and Owen Wilson. You had me at hello.

seana graham said...

My mom was a big tamale fan, and we all inherited that. Which makes me wonder why on earth I didn't buy tamales from the woman who walked into the pub I was in a couple of hours ago. What was I thinking?