Hunting the elusive corn husk in New Jersey

It's another tamale Sunday. Gray morning outside. Nice steamy windows inside. The masa and husks were much easier to find in Plano, Texas than in New Jersey, but not nearly the adventure.

Everything available at my Albertsons grocery
No getting the car out of the world's most difficult parking space. No trip to the bodega in Jersey City with the bins of waxed yuca. No sitting in the back of the car while smart phone users search for a store that sells corn husks. Yup, the Jersey City Save-Rite. And then the gridlock near the Holland Tunnel, and getting the car back into the world's most difficult parking space.

Our Hoboken tamales were a little bland by Texas taste standards. So were my first Plano effort. The Sunday tamales are the best by far. I still have two pounds of fresh masa to make up next Sunday. Gotta pick up more husks though. And maybe a new steamer gizmo.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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seana graham said...

On the one hand, I can see why this adventure may have been more challenging in New Jersey than, say, California. On the other, I have the idea that Mexican cuisine has now penetrated pretty much everywhere in the U.S., at least the Continental part.