Short list due to falling asleep with the light on an awful lot

Picture book most likely to inspire art class projects:

  • Some bugs / words by Angela DiTerlizzi ; bugs by Brendan Wenzel.

  • Movie of the year. I've seen it five times. It delights every time.

 Most Addictive Series 
with a note from the prize committee

In stressful times, I read series. Life stress. Extreme. Full to the brim. Moving. Divorce. Junior High. Finances, don't ask. Multiple job changes. Death in the family. That kind of stuff. Sue Grafton mostly alphabetically. Janet Evanovich in numerical order. Tony Hillerman probably saved my life. Thank you, too, Nancy Drew. Clive Cussler cured my fear of flying, so don't be dissing Dirk Pitt. Pre-adolescent chemist, Ottoman Empire eunuch, and Scandinavian hoodie detective, Thank you very much for taking me away better than Calgon in 2014!

When life is most stressful, I revert to sudoku and crossword puzzles. Will Shortz becomes my favorite editor. 

Most convincing narrator as an autism spectrum character

Dan O'Grady for The Rosie Project

Hoping to sell gold foil stickers for book jackets in 2015. I'll be rich!

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