Fun, fun, fun!

Arrived home to find this beauty in my usual parking space. The body was a work in progress, but nearing the fresh paint stage. The interior was in remarkable shape. The interior color was either goldish green or greenish gold. I'm guessing it's a '64.

Not knowing who owned the car, I couldn't stand around gawking and snapping photos. Turns out friends of the teen boy across the way piled in. The car made some interesting $ounds when started. I wish them luck in their automotive restoration efforts!

It's been ten years since the Woolly Mammoth's 300ZX was towed away. The gang of guys who worked on the Z are mostly engaged or married, paying off college debts, . The senior prom date is a mommy. I miss that whole bunch of kids who had lunch at my condo every Friday. My extra son, Fischer, is getting married this weekend. I wonder if he would like the Z floormats as a wedding gift.

My own TBird was a Christmas gift when I was about two. Girls didn't get a lot of toy cars back then, but I loved the red and white plastic Thunderbird. It looked like Annette Funicello's '57.

By now you might need a bit of Beach Boys!

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seana graham said...

I know cars have advanced considerably technologically, but as 'rolling sculpture', as my art history professor liked to call them, they are a far cry from their heyday.