New Riders of the Raspberry Salvia

Had an actual paying gig taking photos of flowers today. Got some good ones for the upcoming landscape tour, but got better ones with crazy unidentified insects.

No matter how stressed I feel about juggling part-time and short term employment, or the Tetris income tax challenges of subsidized health insurance, the actual pixels of an interplanetary bug can salvage my outlook on life.

Taking my one-woman litter awareness show on the road to elementary schools for the next month or so. I'm terrified as the presentations approach, but know I'll turn into a major ham given the opportunity to tell a knee-spanking story to the right audience.

Looking through the photos, I'm stunned at the tiny kingdoms and major battles I rarely notice. Slid a New Riders of the Purple Sage cd in the player. Grateful for the remedial course in wonder.


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