Oh, the places you'll go

Walking through the nearly empty mall past the desperate chair massage kiosks, I gave myself the pre-shop talk:

  • Focus on replacing essential wardrobe item (black dress slacks) on sale
  • Absolutely no horizontal stripes
  • Avoid black and white
  • Look for colorful floral prints
  • Don't make eye contact or glance at accessories

That worked just great. The new top to go with the still elusive essential black slacks:

Great earrings, too.
Now back to the map obsession, inspired by new top:

The two halves of the Dallas Symphony concert were black and white extremes. Wolfgang Rihm's Trio Concerto U.S. Premiere was less pleasant than losing a fork down the sink garbage disposal when you have a temporary dental crown and are lost in a an abandoned subway tunnel in a dystopian endless nightmare, not to be quick to judge.

Mozart's Requiem by contrast is an achievement in unfolding an expanding cosmos while giving a sense that each note is completely inevitable and our path is clearly marked. More, we are assured that we possess deep within us the ability to refold the map and fit it in the glovebox as often as necessary.

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