A watery week... a watery month...

A walk to the pier makes the granddoggy thirsty. Walks make everybody happy, as the grandbaby mostly doses and the rest of us soak up New Jersey sunshine. We even manage the errands on foot, something rarely even tried in Texas suburbia.

Behind us is One World Trade Center, now the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at 1776 feet tall. But does it have doggy water fountains??

Back at work, all our rain has created a new gravel bar in the creek. All the turtles and the male mallards consider it a fine amenity

This is Bob Woodruff Park in east Plano, site of many cross country races and the former launch site of the Plano Balloon Festival. At the picnic pavilion on the highest point a "Frozen" theme birthday party was carrying on with the soundtrack playing and a poor guy dressed in an inflated Olaf costume.

The system of parks, nature preserves, and trails in the Rowlett Creek watershed are designed to contain the water in the event of the wettest May on record. City planners, engineers, and the Corps of Engineers get a lot of grief. Our recreation options might be limited in the short term future, but the system seems to work.

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