Way back in the before time with Iguana Bob

Had to make a brunch casserole for a departmental staff meeting and it turned out edible, so I'll spare you the details except that I cheated and used store-brand seasoned salad croutons.

Yesterday I took my recyclables to the big collection dumpster in the parking lot of the public library. Behind the dumpster is a small strip mall with this new addition:

Yes, indeedy, pizza acupuncture! I love it! I just wish Iguana Bob could share this discovery with me as he did Wok Bueno so many years ago. Many's the time Bob and I drove around with the top down singing "Wok This Way" and eating peppermint ice cream cones.

Iguana Bob ditched me years ago and drove off into the sunset. Now I hang out with Arlo the Air Quality Armadillo. Arlo needs a car with fins in my opinion... an electric car with fins!

Arlo should not stop for an ice cream cone.
Before what time? Before digital cameras and cable internet. Back when I spent real time making real things, quirky but real. My sons shared our condo with a variety of papier mache lizards, dachsunds, penguins, an owl, a giraffe,a monkey, Ma Chicken, Wally the wall alligator, and some giant insects. AND the kids turned out okay.
Bob's convertible was about the same size as the Smart Cars we used in D.C. last month:


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