I did! I did see a puddy tat!

I thought I thawed a frozen frog today. I did, I did! So did a couple dozen widdle kiddies. We had a great time devising methods of freeing plastic frogs from ice cubes on a hot, hot morning.

Sometimes we took a frog break to play Soggy Fish Toss. Two clear storage tubs with two inches of water, a box of sponges cut into fish shapes (originally for sponge prints) and 25 preschoolers with varying aim made for pretty hilarious moments. Have to salute my coworker who when hit with a soggy fish right between the eyes managed to tell the little guy he had "a good arm"!

That's the sort of positive thinking and communication we need in the department. Maybe our next team building should include frogs and fishies.

My communication skills are inadequate. In preparation for the class, I asked a different coworker if she knew any reason why I should not freeze frogs in ice cube trays in the kitchen. Would anyone be upset?

"Are they alive?"

I nodded no.

"Then maybe you should put them in covered containers," she said.

So they don't leap around?? No! Oh, great! She thought I was freezing dead frogs in ice cube trays.

No, the frogs were not alive. The frogs were plastic, non-living.

Plus, they didn't fit in the ice cube trays. I had to freeze them in tiny paper cups of water. When is that communication session?

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seana graham said...

You must have a strange reputation around the department by now. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Collagemama said...

It goes with the early childhood education territory. Now I have two freezers full of colored ice cups made with food coloring for the Sunday and Monday programs. We are going to "paint" with ice. And my hands are a lovely froggy green.

seana graham said...

I may have said this here before, since it's about preschool, but when I was little one of the funnest things we did was just paint on the preschool's walls with water. I don't know why it was so satisfying, but it was.

Collagemama said...

We will do that too.