It's good to be the Fiction Fairy

Grabbed a magic wand as I headed out the door, along with keys, phone, book bag, lunchbox, purse, COFFEE. My sparkly powers were blinking kind of slow this morning. At the library for my other job I would need the amazing ability to recommend exactly the book a patron would be most delighted to read on a beach or mountain adobe-walled patio.

"Readers Advisory" is a challenge for me. When asked if I know any good dvds, audiobooks, or novels, my eyes glaze over and my tongue loses the power of speech.

What with yesterday's frozen frog princes, I needed a real fix of bibbity-bobbity-books. I would use the magic wand to point patrons toward the perfect book, or let them borrow the wand to use as a fiction/nonfiction finder divining rod.  If the fiction fairy wand doesn't work, I'll don a turban and silk kaftan, then we'll all join hands around the table.

Just open yourself to the possibilities. Let the mystical power of the stacks draw you to your next book. Touch the spine and feel the electric charge. Please!

© 2013-2015 Nancy L. Ruder

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