Raffi is not dead

A new three year old in class this morning was sad. Her mom had assured her there would be singing. The high grass pollen count adds croakiness to my constant tone-deaf singing. We had way cool crafts and solar cars, but we did not have a song. If I'd known the stakes, I would have belted out "You Are My Sunshine".

Next week the sub will bring her ukelele and elevate juvenile musical expectations. The new girl's mom recommended a Raffi song, "Ducks Like Rain."

She said Raffi was the "least annoying children's singer ever". Funny, funny! I must have driven thousands of miles in the minivan with tiny guys in carseats and Raffi in the cassette player because Raffi way back then was already the "least annoying children's singer". My youngest especially needed Raffi's duck songs in the car.

I'm cheered that kids who listened to Raffi cassettes in their old-time carseats are now sharing his songs with their children as an antidote to technology overload and registered trademark tie-in childhood assaults.

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