Windowsill learning by viewing

With great relief I retire my kitchen scrap windowsill garden growing samples and examples for the July family nature events. A committed gardener educated families about the community garden's mission. Sixty percent of the produce goes to local food pantries and the school district summer lunch program. Needy children at the school lunch program today tasted fresh veggies cleaned and bagged by the family club yesterday.

It was fun chatting with kids and parents about child-size ways to experiment with planting. Prepping for the event, I was rooting basil, rosemary, mint, sweet potato, and green onions. Volunteer squash vines from the vermicompost were in various stages of development. Some were starting in an egg carton, others in egg shells and tp tubes. How many times have I attempted the classic "avocado seed" magic trick to grow an endless supply of guacamole? Over the years maybe two avocado seeds have sprouted.

Much more luck with pineapple tops stuck in pots of soil. Never yet bloomed or produced pineapples, but I've kept the plants alive. Paint my thumb green!

Mung bean sprouts amused a snacking toddler. In August I'll try sprouting again for Asian recipes. The tiny window fairy sprout garden was on the west side of the apartment. This week the late afternoon temps will cook anything on that windowsill!

Morning and evening celebrate the crepuscular family feeding methods of barn swallows. The fledglings are attempting long-range flights from the left stairway railing to the right. The young birds lack the fancy tails of adults, but seem to have distinguished white mustaches.

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