Galapagos Toes

It'd been a long week and it was only Thursday evening. Took off my shoes, propped my feet, checked my email, and eventually realized I had been staring at my old, tired toes for many minutes. Slow. Old. Plodding. Propped. Toes. And those toes looked just like Galapagos tortoise heads and necks.

Turtles have had an interesting week on social media. Butterflies sipped turtle tears. A sea turtle had a drinking straw extracted from its nostril without anesthesia. And my toes plodded on, slowly but surely to win the race.

"You just need a pedicure, and you'll feel better," a friend advised. "Shoe shopping!," said another. No, I want to draw tortoise eyes and nostrils on my toenails with a Sharpie, but it's such a long reach down there!

Back in the day, Michael Franks had a witty song about "Popsicle Toes". Poor guy probably still has to perform that song in casinos. Kind of sad. I've got turtle tears just imagining, should butterflies want to sip. They are dripping off my nose onto the mildewy shag carpet. The tears, not the butterflies.


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