What to my wondering eyes did appear

Zillow informs me my former condo is listed for sale. No nostalgia for the good old days of waiting for repair persons and paying big condo association fees for me. Once in awhile I miss being in a space I had alternately endured and cultivated for a dozen plus years. Like a farmer with years of drought, years of floods, plagues of grasshoppers, and never a dime to show for it, I had a certain fond spot in my heart for the old sod house.

Two years ago I started an insane endeavor to rip out the carpet, and then stain the concrete floors. It was satisfying in a strangely sweaty, sore muscle way, and I liked the results 92.75%. And then I had to sell the condo.

The buyers reimagined the old homestead through a different lens, as I noted the few times I went over to pick up old mail. No problem. I never told them about the rat snake on the patio...

Nowadays Zillow informs me that the condo is back on the market, and the owners want big bucks. I'm okay with it. I did what I had to do when I had to do it. The bad news is Zillow sends me photos of the condo as it looks now. I question my memory and my sanity looking at them. Have I really forgotten a red brick fireplace?

Forced to reinforce my memories with photos, I tracked down images taken at the end of the concrete floor adventure. That fireplace was NOT red.

And that rat snake was real.

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seana graham said...

Zillow certainly has different uses than its advertised ones. One of my friends goes on walks around the neighborhood and looks up historic information about the houses here. Seems a little less mercenary than most.