Return of the YRMLMs

This time it isn't so much a case of ruining his life, as in YRMLMs of ye olde days. It's more a case of distorting the record.

My sons' lives are recorded in a double entry accounting system. I have the Mommy Official Chronological Albums. But my apartment also houses the Grandma Fritzi's Less Authoritative multi-volume set. Like many libraries, depositories, and museums, the Mommy Official Storage Space is limited.

I could, of course, ruin my youngest's life by posting his bare baby buttocks on Facebook and grocery check-out tabloid covers. That would be WRONG-O.

So, I've begun a scan-and-collage interpretation of the epic legend. Grandma Fritzi preserved the annals of the Woolly Mammoth and his brothers in "magnetic" photo albums. The snapshots were mostly Walgreens "double prints" with savings coupons. That combination is distorting, discoloring, and destroying the photos. Pulling prints off the sticky album pages makes them curl, tear, and weaken, distorting our knowledge of past events. Gosh, but isn't this like Fox News pundits?

YRMLM is the impish gremlin acronym for "You Ruined My Life, Mom".

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."--George Santanaya 1905

"Those who cannot find the remote control are stuck watching Judge Judy  and Wheel of Fortune at maximum volume in the nursing home."--Collagemama 2011

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