Worms on the map and in the corner office

Composting worms always amaze me with their interest in current events, architecture history, and contemporary design. Down in the dark of the worm bin I suspect they are reading Zinio digital magazines on teeny tiny devices. They tweet complaints about complete lack of progress on my New Year's resolution to build them a Lego version of the High Line. They follow Zillow and pin ideas to Pinterest.

When I added coffee grounds, torn newspaper, and cucumber peels to the worm bin this evening the tension was palpable. The eisenia fetida had learned Plano is #2 in the Top 10 Cities With the Largest Homes. Plus, the red wigglers had seen the drawings of the new Rolex headquarters under construction in uptown Dallas.

The worms are demanding a Lego map, a ridiculously large Plano Lego home, and a field trip to the construction site of the new Rolex headquarters in uptown Dallas. Yes, that would be the Kengo Kuma design that looks like a vertical vermicompost Worm Factory crossed with a spread deck of casino playing cards.


And yes, there should be under-the-desk vermicomposting in every office!

This development will set a new standard for work life in the US," said Harwood CEO Gabriel Barbier-Mueller. “We intend on creating an office that will feature a unique blend of innovative architecture and gardens that Dallas has never seen before.”

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