Fantasy Meteorologist Camp

Who knew how many grown-ups secretly wanted to study meteorology or give the weather report on t.v.! Since I started making the felt board weather dramatic play station for the family club, I've had more than the normal number of office visitors to my windowless cubicle.

My office mate seriously considered returning to school to study hurricanes. The guy down the hall is into cloud-spotting. The people organizing the landscape tour want to know if it will rain Saturday. The water experts are into lake levels. I just want to relax and debate whether the clouds look more like bunny rabbits, popcorn, or Donald Trump's hair. An arctic cold front moved in around noon when I added glitter to the felt snowflakes.

I found some little clips to be pretend microphones. Wishing I had a clip-on bow tie to add realism to the kids' play. What's your five-day forecast?

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seana graham said...

I have a lot of weather loving friends too. As for me, all I hope is that the storms are over when I head for South Carolina this weekend.