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Book reviews with bacon, what could be better? Library Journal and Kirkus reviews of Christopher Rothko's new book* about his father's art kicked me to make my first ever bucket list. No plans to kick the bucket anytime soon, but I was reminded that I've wanted to visit the Rothko Chapel in Houston. Being unable to breathe in Houston, the horrible drivers there, plus little details of work and finances have kept this goal on the hazy someday list for a quarter century or so.

The baker's dozen items on this evening's first bucket list draft are pretty tame. I still hope to visit Crystal Bridges in Arkansas with my old buddy, Library Janie. Caring for elderly parents have postponed this for years now, first mine and now hers.

Six destinations surprised me with a common theme:
  1. Ashfall Fossil Beds in Nebraska in honor of my mother, and a site on Smithsonian's Evolution World Tour
  2. Mount St. Helens should be doable with a son in Oregon.
  3. Knossos on the island of Crete has fascinated me since about 1966 along with
  4. Santorini/Thera in the Aegean Sea
  5. Iceland
  6. Krakatoa 
Never realized I was a frustrated geothermal volcano seeker until now!

If I actually learned my demise was looming, I would ask to have bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs with salsa, fresh-squeezed orange juice, bottomless hot black coffee, gooey cinnamon rolls with pecans, and hash browns with mushrooms and bell peppers served on a screened porch every morning. It would be a fine countdown. Oh and maybe some watermelon and cantaloupe balls, not to be greedy.

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