Primed for disappointment

We have been seriously facilitated lately, with the pyramid of accountability, communication skills, Glenn Parker's Team Players, and True Colors. Are you most:
  • stressed by appearing incompetent?
  • stressed by disharmony?
  • stressed by disorganization?
  • stressed by lack of excitement?
  • stressed by forgetting to cancel free Amazon Prime trial before 30 days were up?
Just before the lunch break in the all day team-building session I realized I had missed the deadline to cancel my 30-day free Amazon Prime membership before being charged $99.99. Oops. Not sure I can make that membership a financial win. It would be better if Prime included a year of free socks to meet your every need. Amazon knows absolutely everything about me, so drones could deliver perfect socks to my front door. I hate buying socks! 

  • Why do they cost so much? 
  • Why can't they be more fun?
  • Why are they never quite the right color? 
  • Where is the mate?

What have I learned, besides the socks? I seem to be a private, planning, punctual, slow-processing cynical idealist, telephone-phobic contributing challenger uncomfortable with conflict, easily annoyed, amazingly curious but never bored, Put me in a closet and I will make art out of coat-hangers. Put me in the kitchen and I will use my knowledge of historic migrations with my appreciation of texture and color to make many interesting dishes, two-thirds of which will be edible, and 80% unrepeatable. Put me in a long departmental strategic planning meeting, and I will be unable to find a comfortable position on those chairs. Tell me I can't take notes, and I'll be itching for a fight. Don't hug me, and I won't hug you.

© 2013-2015 Nancy L. Ruder


seana graham said...

I hate meetings. And tests like those are fun, but only if no one with power takes them seriously.

However, I will attest that socks can easily be fun. My mom was a master of finding fun socks and giving them to us for Christmas. Her skills are sorely missed.

Collagemama said...

That's a fun mom memory, Seana.