DIY Penicillin

Brought the sealed buckets of soap berries, Eve's necklace seed pods, bur oak acorns, and seed pods from the outdoor storage for the family craft fun. The last bucket from the closet was unlabeled. Pinecones? Magnolia seed grenades? What would be inside?


Halloween was yesterday. So what's up with this? Fuzzy tofu? Sprouted geodesic domes? Gnome parkas? Spore Wars? DO NOT inhale!

I was so scared I didn't even whip out my camera. That's a bad sign.

What does one do with a big dang tub-o'-mold? Can I put it in the organic waste collection? Hazardous waste? Don't make me call the EPA! AND don't make me do Science Fair!


The library got a cool new kids book, Fungi, by Judy Wearing. It has the right amount of information for a child doing a report, and way more than I can fathom in a single sitting. Great photos, but too many of the text boxes are black on a dark background--jazzy but unreadable.

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